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Check out what’s currently floating my boat music-wise on this Retro Soul Spotify Playlist I just put together.

It’s just a little taster of what I’m listening to now as I wind down for the Christmas holidays and look forward to the start of 2018 and the launch of the new Brit Frisco album…


Hey peeps – I just wanted to give you a heads up about the brand new Brit Frisco album that will be available on streaming services from Jan 15th 2018.


Brit Frisco is retro soul like yo’ mama used to make and then some.

It’s basically me and San Franciscan native Diona Devincenzi, who I was lucky enough to meet in LA a few years back. A successful singer-songwriter in her own right, Diona has had her music featured in countless TV shows and movies.

Anyway, during a long chat in the lobby of the LA Westin, we realised we shared a passion for all things retro soul and thought it might be a cool idea to try to write and record an entire album’s worth of the stuff.

Technology being the mighty demon it is these days, we were able to put it together across two continents – Diona working out of her studio in Nashville and me out of mine in Spain.

I have to say, it was a great experience. I did all the basic instrument tracking in my studio – drums, bass, guitars and keys. Then we took turns laying our vocals down, sending music files back and forth through the ether. We even managed to get some of the original members of the Memphis Horns to play on it, which was pretty cool.

Having finished recording, we met up in LA again last fall and inked a deal for the Riptide Music Group to represent us exclusively for all things film/TV sync-related.

We also did an impromptu photo session messing about between some warehouses out near LAX, which was a laugh.

So yeah…keep your ears peeled for some new sounds in the New Year !


Wow…this year has been crazy busy. So busy, it seems I haven’t posted anything new here for almost a year.

Insane, but true.

So what have I been up to? Well, I’ve been doing a lot of traveling (New York, LA, Madrid and London a few times) a ton of writing and recording, my songs have continued to get featured in many hit TV shows throughout the year – Shameless, Chicago Fire and Longmire to name but a few.

I also got songs in the recently released movies ‘Ouija: Origin of Evil’ and the indie movie ‘FML’ but perhaps the biggest news of all though, was teaming up with Nashville singer-songstress Diona Devincenzi to form a new retro soul band, Brit Frisco.


We recorded our debut album ‘Roll around’ across the ether (my studio here in Spain and Diona’s in Nashville, to be precise) and just signed a deal in LA two weeks ago for it to be released/represented by Riptide Music Group.

To say I’m excited about this project is to put it mildly. Watch this space for music and video clips coming soon…

It’s hard to believe 2016 is upon us already but hey – here’s wishing you all a Happy New Year peeps.


2016 has already begun pretty damn well for yours truly with a couple of placements in new shows. The first was for ‘Do you want a man?’ a funky co-write with CMA and Juno award-winning songwriter Paul Otten that featured in the Jan 12th episode (episode 10) of ‘Grandfathered’ on Fox.  

The second was for a quirky little song called ‘Tonight (you’re gonna be mine)’ which featured in the 2nd episode of season 2 of Younger’, which aired Jan 13th on TVLand.



Well peeps, there’s a lot being going for me since my last post.

Most recently, my song ‘You can’t keep a good man down’ was featured in last Sunday’s episode of Battle Creek on CBS.  starring Josh Duhamel and Dean Winters.


My indie folk song ‘Mesmerised’ which I put out under my own name Paul Robert Cufflin currently features in a Jeep promo in Australia.

Even cooler.

And that same song was also used in a trailer for ‘Sunny Sundays’ in India.

Too cool to be explained by normal human beings.

Amazingly, the song seems to have struck a chord (pun fully intended) amongst the ‘Sunny Sundays’ audience – with quite a significant proportion of them apparently trying to find out who the song is by. One fan even went to the trouble of posting a phone vid on YouTube they shot of the trailer as it was broadcast – check out the thread below the video.

Unfortunately, my publishers were a little slow off the mark getting the word out who the song was by, so people were having trouble tracking the tune down until some bright spark found the song on my SoundCloud page. Since then, I’ve had thousands of plays of the tune which is heart warming stuff, so thanks to all who took the time to listen. It feels good to be appreciated !

Well, 2014 is slowly drawing to an end and what better time than to strip naked, smother myself in goat’s cheese, lay back in the tall grass and hum gently to myself as the weak Spanish winter sun warms my nethers and the local bird population tweet their disapproval from the surrounding trees?

Failing that, what better time to announce that 2014 has been quite a successful year for yours truly, musically speaking. Yessum indeedy. And it’s a year that’s been topped off by the news that my song ‘Please don’t leave will feature in the forthcoming movie ‘Fathers & Daughters’ starring Russell Crowe, Aaron Paul, Jane Fonda, Amanda Seyfried and Diane Kruger amongst many others.

I am officially as happy as a pig in shizz.

Roll on 2015, I say.

Roll on deodorant.

Happy New Year !

Just got word that 5 ‘Hick hop’ instrumental tracks of mine have been placed in TLC’s new show ‘The Speegle Life’.


The tracks will feature in episodes 101 and 102 of what appears to be some kinda religious reality show which follows the lives of a successful pastoral family in Florida that relocates to Alabama to help their daughters start their own church.

Hmn…God Squad TV.

If you’re anything like me and devour rock-related biographies and autobiographies like they’re going out of fashion, then you’ll love ‘Live at the Brixton Academy‘, the new book written by my good friend Simon Parkes.

It’s basically the story of how Simon, aged 23, bought the run-down iconic venue from Watney’s brewery for £1 and despite violent altercations with local gangsters and nefarious dealings with music industry movers and shakers built it into the coolest music venue in London – if not the whole of the UK – before selling it in 1995 for £3M.

It’s makes for a brilliant read with so many great insider stories about gigs by some of the biggest musical icons of the last 30 years and when we met for lunch in London a couple of weeks ago, he told he’d just sold the film rights to a production company who plan to turn it on to a TV drama.

I’m hoping he’ll put in a good word for me when it comes time to creating the music for the show…

I’m pleased to announce that my song ‘I just gotta have you, baby’ will feature in new crime thriller movie ‘The Forger‘ starring John Travolta, Jennifer Ehle and Christopher Plummer.

I’m not sure of the movie’s release date yet, but I’m pretty stoked that they’ve chosen my tune to feature in it. I regard it as another feather in my musical cap, something new to add to my musical CV, a fresh morsel of delicious cheese on the smorgasbord of my composer-esque tendencies.

It’s also pretty fucking cool.

Nuff said.

Just heard that a song I wrote in collaboration with Paul Otten (he of Big Little Lions fame) featured in the show Witches of East End which aired Sunday 24th August 2014 on Lifetime.

Radio Villains artwork

In other news, it’s so cool to see Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul win Emmys again this year for Breaking Bad. I’m currently ploughing through the box set of the entire show, season by season and am totally addicted.