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Just heard that a song I wrote in collaboration with Paul Otten (he of Big Little Lions fame) featured in the show Witches of East End which aired Sunday 24th August 2014 on Lifetime.

Radio Villains artwork

In other news, it’s so cool to see Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul win Emmys again this year for Breaking Bad. I’m currently ploughing through the box set of the entire show, season by season and am totally addicted.


Hey folks – it’s been a while since my last post, but in my defence I’ve been as busy as a bee with a complicated schedule of things to do and people to see.

First off, I got word a week or so ago that my song ‘You’re gonna need someone’ by Bo Molasses is to feature in the new US indie movie The Squeeze, which I’m reliably informed (by a reliable informant) will be hitting movie theatres sometime in 2014.

I’ve also had a couple of other Bo tunes placed in US TV shows lately.

‘Faith healer’ appeared in Hemlock Grove on Netflix, whilst ‘You’ve put your voodoo on me’ was featured in ABC Family’s The Fosters.

A couple of Elijah Honey songs were also placed in US network shows. ‘You can’t keep a good man down’ featured in Under the Dome on CBS, whilst ‘Sweet lovin’ chile’ came pumping out of the soundtrack in Switched at birth on ABC Family.

According to my latest royalty statement, I’ve also had a ton of songs placed in a whole pile of other shows too including Backyard Oil, American Pickers, Auction Kings, Abandoned, Bullet Points, Made, Access Hollywood, Buying Alaska, Dog and Beth on a Hunt, Gold Diggers, Toddlers and Tiaras, Lords of War…I mean I could list them all, but I’d be here ’til my hair turns silver and my teeth fall out.

Happy days indeed.

Hey peeps,

The video for the latest Elijah Honey single ‘Id be lost (if it wasn’t for you)’ is now live on YouTube. Taken from the album ‘Spirits Rise’ released by Black Toast Records at the end of 2013, the video was directed in her inimitable lo-fi style by Ines Cufflin and stars Spanish beauty Miryam Gonzalez.

Download the song and the full album on iTunes


Check it out, people – the brand new video for my song ‘Always in my blood‘.

It was shot on the South Bank in London one November Saturday afternoon by my incredibly talented daughter, Ines  on her iPod and stars the beautifully amazing Lesley-Anne Frankfort skipping about the place.

As John Lennon once sang, ‘Another year over, a new one just begun…’. 

2014 began for me exactly 12 hours after it started, although miraculously I awoke sans hangover this year. A good portent for things to come? Let’s bleedin’ hope so.

Actually, I’m feeling decidedly optimistic for the coming year, a feeling enhanced by the news that my song ‘Step back (take a look at me now)‘ will feature in NBC’s The Michael J. Fox show this Friday 3rd January.


I’ve also got two brand new videos to unleash on the world – the first of which is ‘If you would stay with me‘. We shot the vid in my recording studio a couple of weeks back. It was directed by the up and coming Spanish director Andres Mata Tome.


It’s day one of sessions for the new Shine album – a day I thought I’d never see and the first time we’ve played a note together in several light years. 

Tim Jennings and Paul O'Byrne Shine sessions Nov 13

And things started well with the perfect day in southern Spain – clear blue skies, bright November sunshine, all band members’ flights landing on time, great hotel.

It was good to see everyone again. We just picked it up like all the intervening years just haven’t mattered.

After setting up the gear and getting a great natural drum sound (Glynn Johns 4-mic technique never fails), it was time for a play through a couple of the songs. Tim got a huge shit-eating grin as we eased gently into the first song and I must admit, it felt good to be back.

The real hard work starts tomorrow though. Watch this space…

I met today with a certain Andres Mata Tome, a video director to discuss the shooting of a brand new Elijah Honey video for the song ‘If you would stay with me‘. Looks like our schedules will coincide for the second week in December to get the shoot done. Watch this space for more news…


I’m really excited and not a little proud to announce that ‘Spirits rise’ the debut album by my musical alter ego Elijah Honey has just been released by Californian indie label Black Toast Records.


Here’s what the Black Toast press release says about it:

Los Angeles, CA – October 8, 2013 -­‐ Acclaimed recording artist Elijah Honey launches his latest album “Spirits Rise” through iTunes-­‐-­‐ his first release for independent indie label Black Toast Records.

As the saying goes, “a spoonful of honey will catch more flies than a gallon of vinegar.” Nowadays, the buzz is loud and clear, and not even a lovin’ spoonful of Elijah Honey’s music will suffice-­‐-­‐ people can’t seem to get enough. His songs have already reached a mass audience in the US, appearing in a variety of commercials and hit TV shows that include Hawaii 5-­0, Longmire, Necessary Roughness, Parenthood, Revenge, Sons of Anarchy, The Voice, and True Blood, to name a few.

The man behind the Honey is Paul Robert Cufflin, a songwriter based out of the Malaga province of southern Spain. A London native, Cufflin played guitar in various indie bands throughout the mid-­‐90s, such as Shine (Sony) and Man Ray (Arc Records) before becoming an active member in the Malaga music scene, where he’s played with Indie Blues bands The Chillun’ and Bo Molasses over the past decade. On Bo Molasses’s “You’ve Put Your Voodoo On Me,” Cufflin wears the shoes as guitarist, producer and songwriter. Described as a “bouillabaisse of vibey, hypnotic, blues-­‐based grooves handled with folk-­‐inspired flair,” the record laid the stylistic groundwork for his brand of Lo-­‐Fi Blues Rock.

The songs on Spirits Rise ooze with a thick, warm guitar tone that has made it a sweet complement to the Black Toast Records roster.

Kicking off with the forceful, guitar-­‐driven number “Relapse City,” Cufflin cues us for a series of tales of longing, passion and struggle. While the record largely channels the indie-­‐blues/garage rawness of the Black Keys, songs like “I Won’t Let You Down Again” and “She’s A Mover, She’s A Shaker” conjure the swagger of early Stones, as “Ain’t Nobody Gonna Bleed for you” evokes the “T-­‐Rextacy” of Marc Bolan.

Most recently, Cufflin’s “Tonight You’re Mine” is featured in the new Spanish movie Afterparty (dir. Miguel Larraya) starring Luis Fernandez and a host of up-­‐and-­‐coming young Spanish stars.

Keep an eye out for upcoming Elijah Honey tour dates in the near future.

In the meantime, head to or­‐rise/id719829925 and hear why Los Angeles music supervisors refer to him as the next Hanni El Khatib.


News up, people. I just found out that episode 211 Longmire features the Elijah Honey song ‘Slow movin’ man’. The song features on my brand new album, ‘Spirits rise’ to be released by Black Toast Records shortly. Watch this space for release date.


It’s the third time the show has used one of my songs. Episode 207 featured my song ‘Live in the moment’, whilst episode 10 of season 1 featured my tune ‘Faith healer’ as recorded by my twisted musical alter-ego, Bo Molasses.

I ain’t complainin’…

Paul Otten and I have just laid down a brand new song ‘Demons‘, which is shinier than a wet frog on a stone in the sweet summer sun.

Radio Villains artwork

Paul came to me with the chords, vocal melody, a smattering of lyrics and a drum track. So I finished the lyrics and added electric guitars to the drum track and sent it back.

About a week later, the latest Radio Villains song with added bass played by Paul’s friend Mike appeared zinging its way across the digital superhighway completely finished.

Paul did a great job. The finished song sounds spankin’. And I’m really proud of my work on it too.


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